Guided Toronto Walking Tour


This tour is run multiple times per week

Duration of Tour:

3.0 hours

Maximum Number of Guests on Tour:

8 guests.


6.0 km / 8000-9000 steps

Effort Level:

Medium/High (long tour, medium/high effort on stairs)

Starting Point:

This tour begins at Roy Thomson Hall. More information about the starting location will be in your tour confirmation email.

Ending Point:

Details will be emailed to you after you book your tour. The ending point for this walking tour IS NOT the same as the starting point.

Group Tour Price:

(All prices in Canadian Dollars CAD)

Prices from:


Price includes:

    Applicable fees and taxes


This tour is available 7 days a week
The start time is determined by you

Benefits of a Private Tour:

Pick your own date and time
Choose your guests
Feel free to stop for a coffee, take some perfect pics, or drop into a shop to have a closer look at something
Flexible tour starting and ending locations


3.0 hours


6.0 km / 8000-9000 steps

Pricing from:



Price includes:

  • Applicable fees and taxes
  • You, and up to 7 of your guests

(Additional guests are always welcome, however there is an additional fee for each guest)

Private Tour Cancellation Policy

100% Refund

  • if cancelled more than 3 days in advance

50% Refund

  • if cancelled 1 to 3 days in advance

No Refund

  • if cancelled within 24 hours of the tour

Show Me The City! Walking Tour

On this walking tour you will get a true sense of what life can be like in the city of Toronto.

We will go to where the locals love to shop. We will take a stroll along the harbour, with its breathtaking views and plenty of camera opportunities. This is where the city goes to unwind and relax.

We will also see the inner-city neighbourhood where the people of Toronto go when they want to be entertained.

As you walk by some of the most famous theatres and sites Toronto has to offer, you can plan your own walking tour for later!

Cancellation Policy - Group Tours:

100% Refundable if cancelled 48 hrs or more in advance of tour start time.

50% Refundable if cancelled 24 hours - 48 hours in advance of tour start time.

No Refund if cancelled within 24 hours of tour start time.

Show Me The City!


USA / June 2019

It was a pleasure learning about the beautiful city of Toronto from Dave. He was extremely knowledgeable and personable on our tour and I recommend him to anyone visiting or moving to Toronto! We did it at the very start of our trip and are glad we did!


Panama / June 2019

The Show Me The City Walking Tour is a wonderful experience that you will not regret. Dave is an experience and friendly host with a deep knowledge of the City of Toronto. He really cares about giving you a good sense of the town. In an scale of 1 to 10, I give him a 100!!


USA / June 2019

Dave’s tour was everything I had hoped for. He was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about sharing his insight about Toronto and its’ history. He hit a lot of highlights in a very short time. He was very thoughtful in regards to everyone’s needs and was more than willing to answer any and all questions. I couldn’t have asked for a better tour! It was a great way to begin my stay in Toronto.


Australia / June 2019

Dave was exceptional! Please do this your first day in Toronto. It will give you a wonderful advantage in making the rest of your stay great! Definitely recommend Dave’s tour to all newcomers to this tremendous city!


USA / June 2019

One of the best city tours we have participated in! He was very knowledgeable about the city and its history. The pictures he used to visualize and understand were a great idea. He was able to make the whole group feel like a small family during the tour. Simply great experience!


United Kingdom / May 2018

Dave is such a fantastic tour guide! He is extremely savvy and brilliantly witty. If this is your first time in Toronto, you absolutely MUST do this tour. He will answer any of your questions!



Canada / May 2017

This tour was full of interesting facts and tidbits about a fascinating part of Toronto. Our guide Dave, was knowledgeable an humorous. The walking pace was very manageable.  This tour was a wonderfully pleasant way to explore the city.

An excellent tour. Had a very good time walking about Toronto and learning the history of the city. The tour keeps up a nice pace of walking and stopping with parts inside and out to make things interesting. I would highly recommend the tour and look forward to going on many more in the future.

Meryl G.

USA / June 2017

My wife and I were in Toronto for a few days vacation and heard about Buzz Tours. We loved our two tour guides: Veronica (Old Harbour District tour) and Robin (Kensington Market tour). Both were very informative and quite personable. Would highly recommend doing tours with them.

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A 3-hour tour, highlighting some of the great sites and attractions in the city centre.
This tour is the most reviewed Experience in Canada on Airbnb!