Guided Toronto Walking Tour


This tour is run multiple times per week

Duration of Tour:

2.5 to 3.0 hours

Maximum Number of Guests on Tour:

10 guests


6.0 km / 8000-9000 steps

Effort Level:

Medium/High (length of tour)

Starting Point:

This tour begins at City Hall. More information about the starting location will be in your tour confirmation email.

Ending Point:

Details will be emailed to you after you book your tour. The ending point for this walking tour is not the same as the starting point.

Group Tour Price:

(All prices in Canadian Dollars CAD)


Price includes:

  • Applicable fees and taxes


This tour is available 7 days a week
The start time is determined by you

Benefits of a Private Tour:

Pick your own date and time
Choose your guests
Feel free to stop for a coffee, take some perfect pics, or drop into a shop to have a closer look at something
Flexible tour starting and ending locations


2-2.5 hours


4.0 km / 2.5 miles / 5500 steps

Pricing from:



Price includes:

  • Applicable fees and taxes
  • You, and up to 7 of your guests

(Additional guests are always welcome, however there is an additional fee for each guest)

Private Tour Cancellation Policy

100% Refund

  • if cancelled more than 72 hours in advance of the tour start time

50% Refund

  • if cancelled 24 to 72hours in advance of tour start time.

No Refund

  • if cancelled within 24 hours of the start time of the tour

Queen St. West, Chinatown, Kensington Market Walking Tour

This 2.5 hour tour is a shopper's delight. You will explore three of the main shopping areas in the city of Toronto.

We will walk through the Queen Street West area, where major retailers have set up their shops.

We will go to Kensington Market where you will see local food stalls, eclectic clothing stores and experience the vibe that is unique to this historic, trendy downtown neighbourhood.

Your professional walking tour guide will also take you through Toronto's famous Chinatown area, with its teeming sidewalks, Asian restaurants and groceries, and discount clothing stores.

Cancellation Policy

Group Tours:

100% Refundable if cancelled 48 hrs or more in advance of tour start time.

50% Refundable if cancelled 24 hours - 48 hours in advance of tour start time.

No Refund if cancelled within 24 hours of tour start time.

Queen St. West, Chinatown, Kensington Market

Very interesting and wide-ranging tour of Toronto. Learned a lot, had fun, and loved getting to learn the "local charm." Dave was knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and fantastic...couldn't ask for more in a walking tour guide! Thanks for enhancing our trip

Eric S.

Very competent guides that showed me much more then the hop on/off busses. Loved it!

Suzy S.

The guides were warm, informative, and insightful. They never rushed us, were careful to ask us along the way how we were feeling, asked if we wanted to stop and take pictures, and were generally very conscientious of our needs. The tour itself took us through neighbourhoods I knew only a little about and my parents had only heard about, but we came out of it feeling like we caught glimpses of a more intimate side of the city. The tour was a unique experience and, I feel, would be useful for locals and tourists alike. Definitely recommended".

Vijay K.

I have lived just outside of Toronto my whole life and didn't realize how much I was missing!!! I have never been to Kensington Market before and Robyn, our Tour Guide made sure to not leave out any details. I am looking forward to exploring the rest of the City on my next Tour with Buzz Tours.


I had a really fun time on my Chinatown-Kensington tour. We got to see a lot of unique corners of the city which I would never have found on my own! I felt like I really experienced the city. The immigration story of queen street, china town and Kensington market is an interesting one and my tour guide certainly knew what she was talking about! I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone who is looking to see Toronto and experience the city by foot! With our small group, the tour guide Veronica made sure that we were all engaged and entertained. Next time I am in Toronto I will make sure to take another tour with Buzz Tours!

Andreina C.

The tour guide welcomed us warmly. He's very passionate about the city and very engaging with us, which made us feel comfortable. After pointing out some interesting facts about the station and nearby attractions, we headed to the Graffiti Alley. Throughout the walk, the tour guide pointed out different interesting trivia knowledge about Toronto and its attractions. We got a chance to take some amazing pictures with the Graffiti wall. If you're enthusiastic about art and getting to know Toronto, this is the tour for you. Then we went to Kensington market where we got to stop by antique stores, varieties of restaurants with different types of food around the world.

I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to explore Toronto more in depth and get to know the city like a true Torontonian. I can't wait to go on another tour (one of many) that the company offers


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