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Private, Corporate & Customized Toronto Walking Tours

Buzz Tours is more than just a Scheduled Group Tour company.

We also specialize in Private and Corporate versions of many of the tours you see on our website. You can even request a Customized Tour.

 Just as we do with our Scheduled Group Tours, we focus on making these tours both a walk and a talk through the city with our guests.

Benefits of These Tours

There are many benefits in having a customized, corporate or private walking tour.

  1. Health – Our tours are approximately 4 – 6 km in length (5000 – 8000 steps)
  2. Fresh Air – Events are always better when they are held outside and away from the workplace
  3. Personalization – Each of the Private, Corporate & Customized Tours is essentially your tour. We can customize the route, make stops st at specific locations, create games and contests for the walk, and we can also work with you in branded swag created for the event.
  4. Privacy – The guests on these tours are hand-picked by you.
  5. Freedom – On each of these tours we can accommodate arrangements for the stopping at specific locations, stops at cafés, or end a tour at a specific location.

Private Tours

A private or personal tour of the city, is a great way to enjoy one of our existing walking tours. The big difference is that rather than being with a group of strangers on your tour, the tour is only with guests selected by you. These tours provide the flexibility to stop and linger at the places you would like to stop at, to get the perfect pictures that you love, or to just take a break at a place that feels just right. It’s your tour! You can do that.

Select a date, a time and a tour and then pick your up to 7 other people that you would like to join you on your tour. Private tours for a group of up to 8 participants start at $168CAD and include all applicable taxes and fees.

Corporate Tours

Corporate tours are a great way to get groups of people out from the workplace and on to a healthy, informative, fun walk of the city. These tours are great way to show your hospitality with guests and visitors who may be working in your office for a few days. These tours can be used in conjunction with User Groups or Company Conferences. Go the extra mile and welcome your guests not just to your office, but to your city.

We can even bring a tour into your office. Buzz Tours enjoys participating in ‘lunch and learn’ type of events, by providing a virtual tour of one of our walking tours in your office. During our presentation, we will share some history, some politics and tidbits of little known information about this city that we call home.

Customized Tours

Buzz Tours is more than happy to work with your in customizing a tour for yourself, a small group of friends, a sporting group or any other type of grouping of people that you may have in mind. Let’s work together and see what type of unique experience of the city that we can come up with!



Tours Available as Private Tours:

Duration of Tour:

Our standard tours are 2 to 3 hours long, or your custom tour idea.

Maximum Number of Guests on Tour:

  • 8

For groups larger than 8, please contact us by email at: or by phone at: 647-986-2899


Our standard tours are 4 to 7 km / 5000 – 8000 steps, or choose your distance.

Effort Level:

You decide.


from $225 CAD

Includes applicable fees and taxes

Cancellation Policy:

100% Refund : if cancelled more than 72 hours prior to the start time of tour

50% Refund : if cancelled between 24 and 72 hours prior to the start time of tour

No Refund : if cancelled within 24 hours of start time of tour

How to Get Started

In order to meet your specific tour needs, please complete the request form below. By providing this information, we can put together various walking tour options for you (and your guests).

Alternately you may also contact us by phone at +1 647-986-2899 (please leave a message if we are unable to answer call).

In either case, a Buzz Tours representative will respond to you by 09:00 ET (North America) of the next business day.

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